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A guide detailing 5 effective techniques to create and improve product training for sales reps.


Self-Directed Learning

What you'll learn in this eBook:

Learn how to empower salespeople by promoting and supporting self-directed learning. 



Optimizing Onboarding

Peer-To-Peer Feedback

Create better sales onboarding by using 3 steps to triage and evaluate training materials, timelines and goals.

Discover 5 strategies that allow sales teams to harness the advantages of using peer-to-peer learning.



Just-In-Time Training


Increase sales rep productivity and satisfaction by learning 3 ways to integrate just-in-time training.

Evaluate your progress and calculate your ROI to see what you have accomplished and how you can improve.

Ensure every sales rep is a product expert.

The way people buy and sell products is changing rapidly. This ebook will help you create innovative product training that equips sales reps with the knowledge they need to be exceptional salespeople.

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