LMS Success Stories: 4 Inspiring Training Transformations with Real Results

Whether you're just starting to explore the world of online training or are looking to take your existing program to the next level, get inspired by the amazing transformations of these companies and learn how you too can drive real results with your training program.

How Ford extended training to third parties and grew over 80% in one year

How IEH used free webinars to monetize training content

How Rimsys did the improbable by getting up a working LMS site up in 6 weeks

How Ziply was able to smoothly migrate LMS platforms without disrupting ongoing business

“Your team is going to need help. In the beginning, we relied heavily on eLearning experts in terms of templates, branding, and spinning up initial content. It really was an opportunity to ramp our people up, but also a very quick win that makes all the difference in the world for momentum.”

- Bill Magagna, Head of Customer Training at Rimsys 

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