Learn to Leverage Immersive Medical Device Training

As the healthcare field becomes more technology-driven, medical professionals are being asked to learn new skills more quickly. In order to better serve learners, it’s important that organizations use online learning technology to supplement the learning experience.

This eBook will teach you about:

  • How Training Benefits Healthcare Providers
  • Pre-Service Training for Healthcare Professionals
  • Top Training Technologies for Healthcare Professionals
  • Real-World Case Studies of How Hospitals, Universities, and Businesses Use Online Healthcare Training
  • Serious Gaming
  • 8 Steps to Make Healthcare Training Courses More Impactful
  • Finding A Trusted Training Provider Experienced in the Healthcare and Medical Devices Industries

“It is estimated that more than 600,000 articles are published in biomedical literature every year. If a student attempted to keep up with the literature by reading 2 articles per day, in 1 year this conscientious individual would be more than 800 years behind. Although the profession has long held that physicians need to be life-long learners, this concept is now an imperative.”

- Dr. Phyllis A. Guze (2015)

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