Want better Virtual Onboarding?

With 74% of U.S. companies implementing or using a permanent hybrid work model, employee onboarding is now more important than ever. But how can you successfully onboard virtual new hires, so they get the socialization, skills, and knowledge they need to be successful in their role?

In this eBook, you will:

  • • Why is Onboarding Employees So Critical?
  • • What Makes Onboarding Virtual Teammates Challenging?
  • • Potential Problems to Be Aware of in a Remote Training Workspace
  • • How to Get Employees on Board With Your Training Vision
  • • 6 Tips for Creating a Better Hybrid Workplace Training Program
  • • Example of Virtual Employee Onboarding Plan & Checklist
  • • How to Find the Right Technology That Supports Virtual Onboarding

"78% of HR professionals surveyed say flexible schedules and remote working are effective ways to retain workers without spending money."

- Crain’s Future of Work survey

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