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Dive into a explanation about the financial benefits of eLearning and how it can save businesses money by cutting costs and increasing ROI. 

The Costs of Implementing eLearning

How eLearning Cuts Costs

How eLearning Increases ROI

Of course, there’s an initial cost of setting up any new system – this is inevitable. But spending money on prioritizing employee training and well-being is proven to benefit the company’s bottom line long-term.

IBM saved around $200 million after switching to eLearning. So how did the switch save them? With this guide, you’ll find out how eLearning can help significantly cut costs by simultaneously benefitting employees, management, and customers of your business. eLearning may not be free, but it can allow you to spend smarter, not more. 

To figure out the true cost of an LMS, here are four main costs associated with implementation:

• Implementation

• Maintenance and Support

• Content Curation

• Integrations

"For every $1 spent on eLearning, companies make back an average of $30 in increased productivity."

- IBM study 

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