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The Seamless Swap: Your Guide to Changing LMS Vendors Without Hassle

In this guide, we'll go over:

Changing Training Programs? Here's Top 4 Tips For Migrating To A New LMS 

6 Key Questions To Ask During An LMS Demo

This section will discuss the most helpful questions to ask during a demo and the tools to

use to ensure that you get the right system for your current and future training needs.

Understand these top challenges to set the stage for a successful transition to a new LMS.

Revitalize Up Your Training Content: Content Audit Checklist

How to Move from Employee Handbooks to an LMS in 5 Steps

Determine which LMS features are "must-haves" for your organization, and which ones are "nice-to-haves."

Figure out how to go from scattered documents to a centralized platform that tracks your training.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Corporate Training 

Launching An Online Training System: Migration Checklist

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to update existing materials, this checklist will help you evaluate your current training content and identify areas for improvement.

The world's moving fast - how does AI play into corporate training? Read more in this section!

Virtual Reality (VR) Training

How to Decipher LMS Pricing Models

How can your organization utilize virtual reality training for a safe and immersive experience that employees won't forget?

Discover the pros and cons for each pricing model, including pay per user, licensing, purchase structure, and free options.

Who is this Guide for? 

Are you aware that your current LMS is not meeting your needs and are considering a switch? This guide is crafted for professionals like you who are well-versed with their LMS challenges and are seeking a hassle-free transition to a new vendor. If you're looking for a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the complexities of changing LMS vendors, this guide is your perfect companion.

What will you walk away with?

  • A clear roadmap for migrating to a new LMS with minimal disruption and a step-by-step migration checklist for launching your new online training system.
  • A comprehensive content audit checklist to revitalize your training content.
  • A straightforward guide to deciphering LMS pricing models and essential questions to ask during an LMS demo to ensure alignment with your needs.
  • A practical guide for transitioning from employee handbooks to an LMS.

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