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A Comprehensive Guide for Professionals Who Need A Centralized Training Platform

In this guide, we'll go over:

Launching An Online Training System: What to Do in Your First 60 Days

6 Key Questions To Ask During An LMS Demo

This section will discuss the most helpful questions to ask during a demo and the tools to

use to ensure that you get the right system for your current and future training needs.

We created this timeline to make sure your first few months with your platform put you on a path to success.

Top 10 LMS Must-Have Features

How to Move from Employee Handbooks to an LMS in 5 Steps

Determine which LMS features are "must-haves" for your organization, and which ones are "nice-to-haves."

Figure out how to go from scattered documents to a centralized platform that tracks your training.

LMS or Content: Which Comes First?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Corporate Training 

Should you get a platform or courses first? We'll help you make an informed decision and set a successful course for your online training program.

The world's moving fast - how does AI play into corporate training? Read more in this section!

How to Decipher LMS Pricing Models

Virtual Reality (VR) Training

How can your organization utilize virtual reality training for a safe and immersive experience that employees won't forget?

Discover the pros and cons for each pricing model, including pay per user, licensing, purchase structure, and free options.

Who is this Guide for? 

  • Training professionals seeking a streamlined approach to their programs.
  • Organizations looking to centralize their training platforms for better efficiency and consistency.
  • HR managers and team leads aiming to optimize training processes for their teams.
  • Anyone interested in understanding the benefits and intricacies of a centralized training platform.

What will you walk away with?

  • A clear understanding of the advantages of a centralized training platform.
  • Steps to implement and transition to a centralized training system.
  • Best practices for maintaining and updating your training content.
  • Insights into how a centralized platform can enhance learner engagement and retention.
  • Real-world examples and case studies showcasing the impact of a unified training approach.

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