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When you're launching an onboarding course, you will need the participation, buy-in, and support of many different groups of people. Learn who they are and how they can help with this free eBook!

Meet and Understand Your Onboarding Roles

The Teacher (aka Administrator, Trainer, Instructor)

The Student (aka Learner, End User, Employee)

The Student is the end user, and a highly important role. During this process, Students need information about their new job; onboarding training is how that information is received. 

The Teacher is the one to administer your course. Their role may change, depending on how training in your organization is run.

The Storyteller (aka Marketing, Human Resources)

The Guide (aka Support)

When you tell an effective and engaging story, it increases user buy-in, leading to faster completion, better compliance, and higher engagement rates. It’s the Storyteller’s role to facilitate this process.

There comes a time when the Learner may need additional assistance, like support, registration, or IT problems. That's where the Guide will step in.

In this eBook, we'll discuss....

Why is onboarding important?

10 topics you should include in your new hire training program

4 perspectives/roles of onboarding, including:

  • Definitions
  • Goals
  • Their role prior to launch
  • Their role prior during launch
  • Their role after launch

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